Adult add symptoms ...

When most people the term "attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder" listen, think of the children. There are many reasons, none of which something I often do with kids. We got only begun to be diagnosed in the last twenty years ago with some regularity.
This means that many adult men and women who have never had the chance to be considered children. Second, the media is almost exclusively the problem of how it affects children. But adult ADHD is a real thing, and can be a problem if a family member must submit to its effects. Here are some tips to deal with it.

The problem is that ADHD in adults, one of the conditions of under-diagnosed in the field of medicine. It might be fair to say that is so low diagnosed children diagnosed diversity is about. However, the problems in both cases are similar. A victim is likely to be characterized by symptoms of inattention, lack of impulse control, and the tendency to hyperactivity. These properties are not only the whims of characters, but the real problems that can interfere with the ability to live a normal life. It can take a toll on your work performance, ability to establish effective, and their relationships with their families.

Affect other: as debilitating as it may be, to live with ADHD in adulthood, it can be just as bad for those who have to live with those who suffer. It is known that havoc on couples until the division in many cases. It is easy for people who do not suffer from the condition of those who seek to do as lazy and selfish. You can see their actions as those of a person who has to pay attention to anyone but themselves. Often the state, even if it is not hereditary, can affect children. Discipline can be a problem, since the parent company under the condition can not be good to create consistency.

Medical treatment: the good news is that anyone with ADHD in adulthood do without help. There regimens showed very well, and you must ensure that the person in the family receives care. Psychostimulants such as Ritalin, antidepressants and therapy can even many problems brought by the malfunction. You also need to open a dialogue with members of the family in question and make sure nothing is on the table when it comes to communication. There is no easier way to victory, but great progress can be achieved.